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A single Shard upon the Shore

abode of an impulse writer

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Etharei Helkamirë
2 June 1987
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a single shard upon the shore
Hi! This is the main journal of Etharei. If you are looking for my stories, I advise you to go to rei_of_writing, which houses most of my fanworks.

My posts are mainly about fandom-related things. I love getting to know people, so please don't be shy about friending and commenting! I only ask that you be respectful of other people's opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, lifestyles, and identities (online or otherwise), a wide variety of which are represented in fandom and the general internet community. Please let me know if I trigger or offend you in any way - I do my best, but I'm not always as mindful as I should be.

Also, please be patient if I take a while to respond to your comments, and I apologize in advance if I end up not responding. The issue is definitely with me - I'm terrible at being prompt and replying regularly, and have the unfortunate tendency to get distracted by shiny things. Be rest assured that all comments are read and cherished ♥

my fandoms
The Lord of the Rings | Queer As Folk (US) | Doctor Who | Torchwood | Merlin | Sherlock (BBC) | X-Men | The Avengers

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All recognizable characters, settings, etc. featured in the written or graphic works posted on this site remain the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners or creators. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made from the online publication of these works.


As of January 2006, this LiveJournal features material of an adult nature (for example: explicit sexual descriptions and themes, foul language, graphic violent and disturbing situations). If you are below the age of consent for your locality (in most places this will be 18), I strongly advise you to leave. Parents: please keep children below that age away from this site. Most of the inappropriate material will be in the form of male slash (aka sexual relations between two males), though the rating may be given for other reasons. If homosexuality and the issues surrounding it offends you, please go somewhere else. You have been warned.

Furthermore, by 'friending' this journal you are acknowledging that you are of legal age to view mature material. I do not require that you post your birth year in your LJ, as the communities do, but please do not be offended if I ask you to post a statement confirming that you are, indeed, old enough to be browsing through my journal.

I can also be found on:
twitter | Archive Of Our Own | tumblr | YooToob | DeviantArt

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