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A single Shard upon the Shore
abode of an impulse writer
2nd-Jun-2020 04:29 am - [sticky post]

Most of my fanworks can be found on rei_of_writing and Etharei @ Archive of Our Own.


A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold
Charles, a miner from a poor village in the countryside, saves the life of Erik Lehnsherr, scion of a successful business family and the richest man on the planet Eisen. Charles is a telepath and somewhat anxious about it, while Erik abstains from relationships because the lights flicker and doors open and electronics vibrate when he gets too excited. Also featuring a long-suffering sister, a foul-mouthed bodyguard, and a best friend with a heart that is definitely not gold.

In which there are princes, spaceships, long journeys, and old secrets uncovered. (An AU sci-fi fairytale). Written for xmenbigbang 2011.
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier | 114,200 words | NC-17

It takes a heap o' livin' [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
They have their day jobs. And then, they have this. Modern!AU in which they are the superheroes of mutantkind.
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier | 15,000 words | NC-17

given back, but not to keep [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
It starts one morning when, walking down a hallway during a lull between lessons, Erik comments casually to Charles, "Don't forget to train yourself too."
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier | 5,300 words | NC-17


Scenes From A Teen Life [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
He's never been in this space before: broad daylight, his cheek throbbing, clothing dirty from the street, and at the same time floating, skin thrumming like he's using magic; hopelessly, helplessly happy. In which Billy Kaplan, against all expectations and documented statistics, has a boyfriend.
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman | 5,200 words | PG


Teenage Dream [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
"That," says Tony, tone unmistakably smug despite his split lip, "is Captain America. Who, by the way, happens to be my godfather."
WARNINGS: Person below the age of 18 having sex with someone above 18; age disparaty between partners; underage drinking; threat of rape; homophobia; homophobic slur
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | 7,700 words | NC-17

:: fanart ::

safest place in the world [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
If Captain America had not done the whole 70-years-in-ice thing, Steve Rogers would likely have become close friends with Howard Stark over time. And when baby Tony turned up, Steve would have made the best babysitter ever. He has the stamina to keep up with Tony, despite all the times Tony would dismantle his crib, and Steve would tell Tony all the sories, and draw a million pictures of him.

And maybe baby Tony is extremely fussy, refuses to settle down... until Steve puts him in the shield and rocks him to sleep.

Steve Rogers, baby Tony Stark | G


between flying and falling [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
The rush of air and the pull of the harness has him gasping, despite himself; energy is thrumming under his skin, with a small edge of instinctive fear that quickens his heart and makes every breath feel glorious. He hasn't felt so alive in weeks. Which is, in a way, part of the problem.
Tharkay/John Granby | 4,400 words | R


:: fanvid ::

You And I [on YooToob | on LJ | on AO3 ]
kink bingo prompt: "mirrors and doubles"
Dean/Castiel | 5 minutes | PG-13 | "You And I" by Lady Gaga


grounding your electric [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
"Sherlock. Listen to me. Listen to my voice. I need you to focus on me. Only me. I want that remarkable, beautiful mind of yours to think of me, and me alone. Nothing outside this flat, outside this room, outside of us, matters. Do you understand?"
John/ace!Sherlock | 3,500 words | NC-17

mind-forg'd manacles [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
“Mycroft could have taken care of that lot without even leaving his car.” He feels Sherlock following close behind, so he turns and leans back on the counter. “But you still did it.”
WARNING: homophobic language, mild violence (non-explicit)
Sherlock/John | 3,500 words | PG-13

when Harry met Sally (and then Sherlock Holmes) [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
Harry Watson hadn’t expected the Met, and possibly the British government, to be this keen on locating her missing brother.
implied Sherlock/John | 5,500 words | PG

Sherlock p0rn 'verse mini-fill (sherlockbbc_fic kinkmeme)
Sherlock/John | less than 100 words | crack

:: fanvid ::

Someone Like You (exclusively Season 2)
Don't forget me, I beg.
Sherlock/John | 4:50 minutes | PG-13 | "Someone Like You" by Adele (live at Royal Albert Hall)


bassists are delicious to aliens
'if he were a man-eating plant, he’d have, like, toxins and shit to keep the prey from fighting too hard' A touching tale of the aliens-made-them-do-it variety.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 5,000 words | NC-17

the element of surprise [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
"Wanna keep fucking you whenever, wherever I want. No warning. And you’ll bend over and take it, or get on your back and spread your legs. All for me." PWP.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 1,300 words | NC-17

magic maker [ on LJ | on AO3 ]
Adam stared dully at the red paint on the solid iron bars of his cell, which indicated that it occupants were convicted magic-users and, therefore, sentenced to death. Fantasy AU (also somewhat of a PWP).
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 5,800 words | NC-17

put your little hand in mine
It happens entirely by accident. In which Tommy and Adam discover Tommy likes being held down by the neck during sex. Breathplay PWP.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 700 words | NC-17

tequila talk
Tommy gets horny when he's drunk
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 600 words | PG-13

gotta be the scene (on LJ | on AO3)
The initiation of Isaac Carpenter.
Adam Lambert/Isaac Carpenter/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 2,800 words | NC-17

one night in Berlin
And this... this isn't something Tommy's done before. There's something off-puttingly deliberate about it, this room that's been set aside purely for people to have sex in. But he's with Adam, and Adam is looking at him like he wants to eat him up, and Tommy's the one who agreed to come to a sex club in some corner of Berlin anyway. So.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 2,400 | NC-17

all I can do
Finally, "somebody threw you into the swamp and left you for drowned," replied the man, his speech clear and flawless. AU set in early 20th century New Orleans.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | | PG

will melt your popsicle
Adam and Tommy share a treat.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 900 words | PG-13

rock stars can be hazardous to your health
"The gag is cutting into the skin around his mouth; the fabric is soaked with saliva, sweat, salt. He can't hear anything beyond his breathing, which is too loud and too fast, on the verge of hyperventilation." Adam doesn't always know when he's in trouble, but luckily he has someone watching his back.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 7,500 words | NC-17


TARDIS BIG BANG 2009 (tardis_bigbang)
Guard Them, And Him Within [masterpost]
Ianto Jones finds himself far from home. But there are guns, aliens, and more Strange Happenings than one can shake a stick at, so sometimes it’s like he hasn’t left. Of stories within stories, and the adventures of small characters.
Jack/Ianto | ~30,000 words | NC-17

The Ways to be Oblivious
He stared at his chair. “Girls,” he called. Gwen and Tosh turned to look at him from their respective stations. “Which of you swapped my seat?”
Jack/Ianto | before 110 | NC-17

.horizonssing july summer challenge

Day 1: The Sun and Rain of Summer
He’s missed the freedom, though – not having to care about looking untidy, the absence of watching eyes, open sky above rather than concrete and dirt.
S2 (no spoilers) | rating PG-13

Day 2: Light shining through water
Ianto hates not knowing what to do, being uncertain of his place, and thus quite loathes his life these days. But he has enough dignity left to want to do his job, as best as he can, if that is all he can have.
after 105 (spoilers for 103-4) | rating PG

Day 3: Teacup, Meet Torchwood
Gwen finds a teacup on her desk.
late S2 (spoilers up to 208) | rating PG

Day 4: Fish have no word for water
Ianto develops a new pastime.
after 107 (spoilers for 104 & 107) | rating PG

Day 5: Pink Tie Plaintiff
“Look, Jack, it’s really simple,” says Owen in the distinct, slow voice he uses when addressing idiots and distracted bosses.
late S2 | rating R

Day 7: Season in Skin
Summer is inside him.
ambiguous timeline (no spoilers) | rating R

Day 8: Stir-Crazy Strawberry
In which Jack finds out that having such good senses can also be a bad thing.
late S2 (small spoiler for 207) | rating light R

Day 9: life's like a beach. and then you die.
"The desert is for death," says Jack amiably beside him, gesturing behind them with his thumb. "And it’s that way."
set in 104 | PG-13

Day 10: Drinks, After
"Drink, Jack?"
after 201 (spoilers for Doctor Who 312 & 313) | G

Day 11: Two Lads in Nash Point
Ianto accompanies Jack to the Vale of Glamorgan to investigate suspected alien activity.
late S2 | rating G

Day 12: i found the arrow, still unbroke
Every friendship has its unique start, and Ianto brings out different things in people.
over S1 (spoilers from whole season) | PG

Day 13: it lingered there to touch your hair
“Don’t look so surprised,” says Jack with a smile. “I’ve lived with the conventions of this time longer than you have.
between 104 & 106 | rating G

Day 14: Bikini Cops
“So, what’s the occasion?”
after 202 | PG-13

Day 15: the country for city boys
No sound apart from his own labored breathing, though rushing blood and racing heart may be covering up stealthier sounds. Quite peaceful, really, all of it. Pity about the carnivorous alien stalking him for its dinner.
indeterminate | rating NC-17

Day 16: eternity in an hour
Torchwood is his life and life is Torchwood, so he must hold it in, hold together, hold the line.
between 201 & 204 (spoilers for 106) | rating PG-13

Day 17: Of Dates And Dragons
Rhys Williams is a very patient man. He knows he’s a very patient man, and he’s even patient about Gwen taking advantage of his placid vats of patience.
between 204 & 209 (spoilers for 204 & 201) | rating PG-13

Day 18: I brought you here to heal you (1/2)
Day 19: (2/2)
Jack dead. He’d imagined it before, even with himself holding the smoking gun.
after 107 (spoilers up to that) | PG

Day 20: No Dramatics for Tosh
At least Ianto won’t have to take her far.
end of 213 (spoilers for 213) | rating G

Day 21: The Adventure of Tea Bull and Honey Thorn
Cows are placid creatures, or so humans who seldom see cows outside of nursery books or by the rare roadside conspire to tell themselves. And under clear weather, a golden sun, and fresh green grass, they may be right. But this says nothing about bulls.
ambiguous timeline | rating PG-13

Day 22: Sunday Park
One Sunday afternoon, during his first month at Torchwood Three, Ianto found himself walking in a park next to Captain Jack.
pre-S1 (spoilers for 104) | rating PG

Day 23: Warm under the Ground
“You know, Jack,” says Ianto languidly. “When you invited me to ‘come downstairs and play with some alien tech’, I was expecting something different.
S2 (no spoilers) | rating PG

Day 24: Handyman
If there was one thing Ianto was good at, it was being what others needed.
between 113 & 209 (spoilers for 113, 209 & Doctor Who 412 & 413) | rating PG-13

Day 25: your young sunless summer
But while he heartily approves of Ianto enjoying the various delights that Cardiff has to offer a young man, Jack is rather tired of inviting himself along, unsure if he’s there as a friend or a parole officer.
post-104 (spoilers for 104) | rating PG-13

Day 26: Red Hat Therapy
Considering her history with UNIT, Tosh knows that she has ample justification for her sad tendency to be nervous at the slightest sign of red beret.
post-206 (spoilers for 206 & 212) | rating PG-13

Day 27: A Guessing Game
Gwen shakes her head, persisting, “Come on, I’ve figured it out. Thursday night is game night.
late S2 (spoilers for 211) | PG-13

Day 28: so good for you, so new for you
The night after a date.
between 201 & 202 | rating NC-17

Day 29: A Hunting We Will Go
Death, aliens, and a whole lot of running. In short, just another Torchwood hunt in the country.
after 208 (spoilers for 106) | PG-13

Day 30: Novel Experience
Summary: “But mum,” protests the girl. She is blonde, scrawny, and in that interminable age between late childhood and full-blown adolescence. “What if he turns out to be some sort of serial killer? Or a rapist? What if he’s got dead bodies hidden in his flat and that’s why he’s never home?”
S2 (no spoilers) | rating PG-13

Day 31: The Summer Spirit
It was a few days after the Rooftop And Handcuffs Incident, and Ianto was in the middle of double-checking the contents of the ‘In’ and ‘Out’ piles on opposite ends of Jack’s desk...
S2 (no spoilers) | rating PG-13


Keep Doing What We Do
"BBC?" Brian frowned. "Developing a kink for stiff British guys, now?"
future | rating PG-13 (language) | semi-CROSSOVER (spoilers for Torchwood 201)
Written for qaffangyrl.

Another Night at the Loft
“A fuck is a fuck, right?” Justin straightens up to a sitting position. “So fuck me instead.”
gapfiller 105 | rating NC-17
Written for the "Bring Back the Porn Challenge" at InsaneJournal.

The One Where Brian Was Applying Face Cream
Brian is getting old.
future | rating PG-13
Written for tamalinn.

Most of the time, though, the days are just... days.
between 409-410 | NC-17
Written for tigbit in qaf_giftxchnge.

The Copy Room (for bj_action Theme #3: "Frottage with hair play")
All right, so maybe it’s not exactly work that’s clearly driven him bat-shit insane.
Brian/Justin, various minor OCs | post-308 | rating NC-17

Have A Nice Day - Justin
Brian won't stop touching him.
between 309-310 | rating soft R
Written for ennorwen

Deal under Drip (for 25fluffyfics, prompt: 09 "Blankets")
"Justin, there’s a fucking hole in your ceiling."
Brian/Justin, Jennifer | post-513 | 3,529 words | rating NC-17
Written for tamalinn.

Butt Flatness and Bathroom Fun
Justin thinks that his butt looks flatter. SUCH ANGST.
late S4 - early S5 | rating NC-17
Written for xie_xie_xie, for her birthday.

A Play and a Present
Gus is in the Christmas play in his school in Toronto. Of families and coming home.
Brian/Justin, Gus, Lindsay, Melanie | rating PG (language)
written for severina2001 in the 2006 Christmas Gift Exchange at qaf_giftxchnge.

At the Very Edge of Things
Whenever it’s about Justin, it’s about Brian. Usually because it’s Brian’s fault.
post-513 | rating NC-17
Written for mclachlan

The Kinney Cure
Justin is sick, and thinks that Brian wouldn't want to go near him.
Brian/Justin, Debbie Novotny, Vic Grassi | mid-S1 | rating hard PG-13
Written for severina2001 as a get-well gift.

Family Festivities Part 1 | Part 2
"Speaking of whom, does your family know he’s coming?" She hesitated, but Tucker knew that this was one of the biggest things plaguing her all day. "They do. At least, they know that Justin is bringing his partner."
Brian/Justin, Jennifer Taylor, Molly Taylor, Tucker, a host of OCs | Future | rating NC-17
Written for the 'Christmas/New Year Challenge' at qaf_challenges.

Sex in Seven Shades (for qaf_challenges)
“I didn’t say sex isn’t still a big part of it.” Mikey takes another draw from the joint. “But you actually like him, don’t you?”
late S1 | Brian/Justin, Michael | 6,037 words | rating NC-17

Stop (for dare_challenge)
A most unusual birthday, at a time when you should have been miserable and lonely.
between 304 and 305 | rating R
Warnings: Allusions to J/E, slightly spoilerish for up to 304.

‘Cause It’s You And Me (for 25fluffyfics, prompt: 04 "Dance")
You wouldn’t have caught it if you hadn’t been staring at his eyes. Something in them changed, glazed over, and you feel a rush of fear because it reminds you of that one time, when you were together, that he had a really bad nightmare.
set in late S4, spoilers up to about 409. | Brian/Justin, Ethan | 4,678 words | rated PG

Mart Miracles (for 25fluffyfics, prompt: 05 "Holiday")
The first thing she has to struggle to make her brain accept is the sight of Brian Kinney amongst factory-produced consumer products...
Justin/Brian, Gus, Claire-POV | 3, 617 | rating PG-13

A glimpse of Brian through a perceptive trick's eyes.
Brian/Other | 1,526 words | rating R
a very belated birthday gift to erynlinia

The Sport of Brian Kinney (for 25fluffyfics, prompt: 03 "Sport")
Sex was the sport of Brian Kinney.
no spoilers | 200 words | rating PG

The Morning Surprise (for 25fluffyfics, prompt: 16 "Puppy")
Debbie realises that there really may be more between Brian and Justin than just sex.
set in late Season 1, any time after 110 | Debbie, Justin/Brian | 1,839 words | rating PG-13


For I am weary of the surfaces (for drabylon, prompt #19)
right after 510 | rating mild PG | [three drabbles combined]

Draw a Straight Line Masterlist
a QAF Season 1 Drabble Set

.qaf_drabbles challenges
Rage to the Rescue (for qaf_drabbles, Challenge #1 "Rage")
Justin is suffering from artist's block. Brian Rage arrives to help him.
post-513 | rating soft R | A tribble, posted separately at first but now combined.

The Making of Brian's Valentine (for qaf_drabbles, Challenge #2 "Hearts and Flowers")
Justin finishing his gift for Brian. A sequel to "A Valentine for Brian"
Justin | post-513 | G

A Valentine for Brian (for qaf_drabbles, Challenge #2 "Hearts and Flowers")
Brian and a client admire a Valentine's Day gift that Brian has received.
Brian, Other | post-513 | G

Eighteen (1/2) | (2/2) (for qaf_drabbles, Challenge #1 "Sex Toys")
Justin has a fun 18th birthday.
S1 | rating R

.tamalinn's 55 Title Challenge

On the Bus
future | rating G

One Rainy Night
future | rating G

Maid to Serve
indeterminate timeline | rating: PG-13

No Words Left
post-513 | rating PG-13

Art vs. Commerce
indeterminate timeline | G

I will slowly be adding the drabbles from the Condom Race O' March here, so if you're looking for those, just use the tag fandom:condom race.


Dreaming Dread and Desire [ on LJ | on AO3 ] (for Inwë Sáralondë in the Slashy Santa 2006 Fic Swap</a>)
It becomes- not a regular occurrence, for there appears to be no rhyme nor reason determining which nights Estel will pass in sweet undisturbed repose and which will have him waking in a sweat and some discomfort. But every time it is the latter, he would make his way to the kitchens, where inevitably a certain Elf-lord will be stationed at the table with a pitcher of cold milk.
Glorfindel/Aragorn | 7,800 words | rating NC-17

Elfling Insights (for 50passages, prompt: 21 "We shall search the valley from head to foot and peer under every pebble.")
Elrohir’s peaceful morning is disturbed.
Elrohir, Erestor (non-slash) | 727 words | rating G

When a Peredhel Falls (for 50passages, prompt: 17)
Estel gets used as a cushion, and learns a little about the hearts of Peredhil. Silly brotherly bonding.
Elrohir, Aragorn (non-slash) | 1,023 words | rating G

Sharing between Siblings (for 50passages, prompt: 15 “Did not the lady tell me to beware of them? And now I cannot forget them.")
During a visit to Lorien, the situation between the twin sons of Elrond grows un-platonic once more. Having resolved to not lie with each other again, they make use of a conveniently passing marchwarden. The steamy meeting as recounted by Haldir to his brothers. A sequel to ‘Learning to Love a Brother’.
Haldir, Orophin, Rumil (Elladan/Haldir/Elrohir) | 2,158 words | rating hard R/ NC-17

Learning to Love a Brother (for 50passages, prompt: 002 “I am not the master of the law, and cannot set it aside.”)
The twin sons of Elrond develop unnatural desires for each other, and risk everything to learn the art of loving.
Elladan / Elrohir | 3,636 words | rated NC-17

A Winter's Healing
Thranduil's grieving for his dead wife is slowly killing him. Elrond arrives just in time, and ignites a heat to chase away the winter.
Thranduil/Elrond | rating NC-17
written for Milly in the 2005 Secret Santa


On Weirdness and Wishes
Tobias muses about what he learned from the attorney’s letter, and has a conversation with Ax.
(for fanfic100, prompt: 001 “Beginnings”)
1,081 words | rating G | Spoilers up to #23 The Pretender (including The Andalite Chronicles).

Tobias the Feather Duster (for fanfic100, prompt: 002 “Middles”)
We were in the middle of an episode of Felicity when, without warning, a pillow came down on top of me.
Tobias, Rachel | 100 words | rating G




Kink Bingo Round 4, 2011 - Kink Bingo Card


50 Passages Prompts for 50passages
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Claim: Elrohir

Fanfic100 Prompts for fanfic100
Fandom: Animorphs
Claim: Tobias

25 Fluffy Fics for [Unknown LJ tag]
Fandom: Queer as Folk (US)
Character: Justin


that dancing star [masterpost]
While visiting Cardiff during a trip to the UK, Adam loses track of Tommy for an hour. A mysterious stranger in a military coat returns Tommy to him, and all seems well. But it slowly becomes clear that something had happened to Tommy during that missing hour. Adam gets in touch with Captain Jack Harkness, Tommy's dashing-but-mysterious rescuer, and thus begins a crazy and occasionally painful adventure that leads all the way to another world. Features psychedelic pollen, zombies, and a healthy dose of aliens.
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff | 21,000/60,000 | NC-17 | Torchwood crossover

Fate's Given Grace Masterlist
Four years later, Brian and Justin are still going strong. Because, really, how else are they suppose to be?
post-513 (future) | rating NC-17 overall
Author’s Note: This is my entry for National Novel Writing Month 2006, where the goal is to finish writing 50,000 words over the 30 days of November. I won the challenge for the first time with this piece, and at 50k it was hardly finished.

To Follow An Elf
An Account of the Journey of One Legolas son of Thranduil Home after the Great Events of the War of the Ring, as set forth by the faithful hand of Gimli, Gloin's son, his Companion. Some parts in first-person diary style, mostly in third-person narration, all from Gimli's perspective. No slash.
Gimli & Legolas | PG

Transformative Works Policy

  • I am very much in favor of transformative use, and thus give blanket permission for further transformation of my various fanworks into (but not limited to) fanart, podfics, remixes, translations, fanfics, icons, and banners, provided that the transformed work is not for commercial use. However, I would appreciate being informed first - rest assured, I'll be very flattered - and I ask that my fanwork be credited as the inspiration,

  • Co-authored fics will need permission from all co-authors.

  • Icons that I've made: Credit appreciated, but not necessary.

  • Graphic fanworks (other than icons): Please do not post elsewhere without my permission.

  • Archiving: Please ask my permission.

  • Warnings: My older fanworks are rated according to the G to NC-17 ratings system, described here in Of Elves And Men. Newer fanworks follow the ratings system on Archive of Our Own.

  • Disclaimer: All the recognizable characters in my fanworks continue to belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is gained from the creation or the publication of these fanworks.

  • Comments: I am horrendous at replying to comments, as most of my spare time goes into creating fanworks, but I read each and every one, and squee over every kudos. THANK YOU and apologies to everyone whose comment goes unanswered. Positive feedback nourishes my muses and motivates me further, but pointing out typos is greatly appreciated and concrit is welcome.

  • The fastest way to contact me is via email, PM, or message on tumblr.

“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp” - Terry Pratchett
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